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Powered Shipping Containers

Ricky Hill Enterprises offers complete electrical solutions to fit your needs. We can install lights, outlets and data/phone lines in your powered shipping containers. We also offer exterior lighting such as floodlights, wall packs and motion sensor activation options.

Overhead Lighting

Overhead lighting is a popular choice for containers used as living quarters or offices. We usually recommend two lights per 20′ container. Our team configures all lighting choices to meet your specific needs. Multiple switches can be installed to control your lights from different locations for added convenience.

LED Lighting

No on-site power source? No problem. LED lights are a fantastic solution if your site lacks access to a constant power source for your shipping container. A small battery is used to power our LED lights and illuminate your container in even the most remote of locations.

Data and Phone

Upon request Ricky Hill Enterprises can install phone and data connections in your powered shipping containers. We use cat5 or 6 lines with an outlet for convenient hookup of your equipment. We can also run multiple data and phone lines to meet your specific requirements.