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Shipping Container Offices

Shipping Container Offices are an affordable alternative to traditional workspaces. Most designs can be build with fewer costs and a quicker turnaround. Plus most designs are portable, so that your office moves with the worksite.

Mobile Offices

Our Mobile Shipping Container Offices are perfect to use during an office remodeling. Rather than work around the mess and stress of a building remodel, you can invest in a Ricky Hill ENT mod. We can even split the container into multiple offices or an office/storage combination.

Our mobile construction offices are perfect for any construction company. With the easy maneuverability and an enormous level of customization, investing in a mobile office can make your construction site run with added efficiency all while providing your company with another asset. The offices we build are far superior in quality and functionality than what is on the market today.

Permanent Office Space

Don’t just think a modular office from Ricky Hill ENT is a temporary solution, though. Our office modifications have been used nationwide for more permanent solutions, too.

One of the biggest buyers of these modifications are oil companies. They often invest in multiple buildings (offices, medical areas, break rooms, living quarters, bathrooms, ect) for each plant or rig. They prove to be more cost effective, and the turn around is, more often than not, faster than waiting for a new building to be built from scratch.

When you order a shipping container office from Ricky Hill ENT, the sky’s the limit.