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Sustainable Housing Done Right

Ricky Hill Enterprises can build your next home with a great savings to you. On average our shipping container houses and steel building structural systems saves the consumer 10%-20% over traditional methods. When built in urban locations these savings becomes very important. This design also reduces construction time up to 40% over more common methods, thus contributing to a reduction in cost.

The unique stacked box frame lends itself to cost effective designs for superior resistance against hurricanes, tornado’s, mold, and much more. Contractors know what a problem those can be in our climate.

Shipping Container Houses

We can build a custom made eye catching home with any number of shipping containers. Need a small cottage for hunting? Looking to simplify by living in a tiny house? Or maybe you want a sprawling home built from recycled or new shipping containers. We can build your home to your specific needs as our container modifications have endless possibilities.

Temporary Living Quarters

Our sustainable housing modifications are perfect for not only permanent homes but for temporary living quarters as well. Working on a construction site around the clock or drilling a well in the middle of nowhere? Bunks can be added as well as lockers, showers, toilets, kitchens, and common areas to let your employees catch some much needed sleep before getting right back on the job without the liability and overhead of driving to town for a hotel room.

Say Goodbye to Cracked and Warped Homes

Did you know that when you invest in a shipping container house, you don’t have to worry about cracking or settling? Never again will you have to worry about any settling, cracking, creaking, or warped walls and floors! Your Ricky Hill ENT home modification is built to last the test of time and weather.