Custom Shipping Container Modifications

Shipping Container Modifications 

Our group at Ricky Hill Enterprises comes with over thirty years’ experience in the shipping container industry, and in creating custom shipping container modifications. As much as the shipping container business has changed our philosophy stayed the same, do it right the first time. At the agreed price and per the customer’s requirements.

Over the last fifteen years, Ricky Hill has built this business on trust & faith. From our leasing company customers to the oil & gas customers with dependable service, product satisfaction and the price that was accepted & agreed upon.

Ricky Hill Enterprises, Inc. is a family owned & operated business since 1997 with a combined experience of over thirty years. Among our group in the shipping container, transportation, modification, fabrication and maintenance & repair business. We service the International, Intermodal and domestic transportation sectors with our product & services.

Our products are shipping containers -10’-20’- 40’, 10’-20’-40’, DNV offshore equipment, DNV Racks, Depot Service and with various types of Equipment Repairs.

We offer customized services, specialty modification’s, fabrication of all types, economy living quarters, crew accommodation quarters. Specialty container modifications, offices, and storage units for all industries our products can be adapted too or related to your businesses regardless of what it is.

Temporary Office Spaces

Temporary office space so you can continue to work, even during construction.

HVAC Compliant Builds

All container modifications are up to standard code.

Extreme Customization

Our experts here can build you a customized shipping container to suit just about any need.

Alternative Living Quaters

We offer short term and permanent living quarter modifications on all sizes of container.

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